George Farrell
BlakPac Chairman

Sam Newby is the Man. He delivered the largest city in Florida back to Republicans by running for a long shot city council seat. he also won the mayors race fr Lenny Curry and is now the model the Republican Party hopes to use in 2016.

On Tuesday, May 19, 2015, Sam Newby (R) defeated liberal Democrat Ju'Coby Pittman in the Jacksonville City Council District 5 Race. The Jacksonville City Council is actually a County Commission race. Sam won with a good old fashioned grass roots campaign, a strong conservative message  and a  strategy that appealed to conservative democrats and independents and republicans.

Another winner in Jacksonville, Florida was Republican Lenny Curry. Mayor Curry won with  51 percent, or 103,626 votes, to Democrat Alvin Brown’s 48 percent, or 98,353 votes. Even Republican operative Brian Hughes, the spokesman for the Republican Party credited Sam Newby  by stating “For all the hype, the thing that made the difference was Democrats crossing over.”   The mayors race was won by only 5,273 votes and Sam Newby delivered the goods.

Lenny Curry Campaign Manager Brian Swensen gave Sam strong praise for his help in opening doors that were previously closed to Republicans   He bragged that it was all Newby  "We built relationships, and engaged with the community,” including oft-neglected parts of the Republican coalition, such as the African-American, Asian, and Hispanic communities, and women, who were key."

Blakpac knows that for the Republicans to win in 2016, GOP candidates need more than 8% Black support at the polls and the current strategy used by Jeb Bush,  Donald Trump and others to insult voters by turning into Mitt Romney will not work.  A well funded strategy that copies the Jacksonville model with a combination of BlakPac strategy of recruiting qualified conservative Black Republicans in county and statewide statewide races and Frederick Douglas Republican messaging in urban areas  can produce upwards of 12% Black turnout for the eventual Republican nominee.  The BlakPac strategy also reached out and won Independent  voters, of which 23,79 were influenced by Republican Sam Newby and therefore pulled the lever for Lenny Curry.

BlakPac is the leading Black Conservative organization in the United States, and our members know how to recruit, educate and win. Join with us, become a BlakPac Crusader member and let's secure victory in 2016.