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Pope Francis and President Obama: Fundamentally Changing the World

By CS Bennett - Sep 22, 2015
BlakPac Columnist

WASHINGTON, September 22, 2015 – What’s one more conspiracy theory? When you look at it
on the surface, the Pope’s visit to America and Cuba seems innocent enough. It is just another two stops on his itinerary.
After all, this is what the top pontiff does, travels the world spreading the Word of God, right?
Liberals in the United States and the oppressed in Cuba, no doubt, are welcoming this Pope’s visit. Roads have been thoroughly cleaned, landscaping upgraded, buildings decorated with banners,
streamers and welcome signs and numerous proclamations or the importance of the Pope’s visit are being signed off on.

But is there something more to this Good Shepard’s visit, something more calculating, perhaps even sinister? Is his visit part of some grand scheme to fundamentally bring this world, especially the United States, in line with the socialist model and philosophy of governance?
Make no mistake, this Pope is beloved by many Catholics the world around. But not every Catholic is feeling a thrill go up their leg when it comes to the subject of Pope Francis. There is great anxiety amongst conservative Catholics in the United States who are very weary of the Pope and his motives.
Pope Francis – Facebook
They note that in an October 2013 interview the Pope gave for the Jesuit magazine America, there was a comment buried deep in the transcript, by Francis, that the world’s biggest evils were youth unemployment and loneliness.

In a world of social and racial strife, unchecked violence, poverty, rampant abortion, and Islamic extremism, this is the best that this Pope can do when it comes to identifying the serious problems
facing humanity. It’s much like Barack Hussein Obama’s pronouncements that climate change poses the greatest threat and danger to America’s future.
What planet are these men living on?

The next question one must ask is this; is the Pope and the President birds of a feather? There is little
doubt that Francis is loosening the church’s strict teachings on morality. When asked about his stance on gay marriage he replied that “everyone has his own idea of good and evil”.
At the White House ceremony for the Pope, among the invited guests will be Gene Robinson, the first openly gay bishop in the Episcopal Church, Walking with Integrity Executive Director, Sarah
Vivian Gathright Taylor, the first openly transgender woman to lead a major mainline protestant denominational organization in the US, and Sister Simone Campbell of the Nuns on a Bus, who had been investigated by the Vatican in 2012, then headed by Pope Benedict XVI, that charged the nuns with straying from orthodoxy and promoting “certain radical feminist themes incompatible with the Catholic faith.” for their support of the Affordable Care Act.

Pope Francis, Obama, and standing up to Islamic terrorism
Many U.S. bishops spoke out against the health care bill as it provided funding for abortions.
Though Pope Francis is considered an especially tolerant pontiff, senior Vatican officials are reportedly anxious “that any photos of the Holy Father with these guests at the White House welcoming ceremony next Wednesday could be interpreted as an endorsement of their activities.”
White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest downplayed any concerns over specific guests at the welcoming ceremony, telling reporters that “there will be 15,000 other people there too.”
President Obama reportedly hopes that the visit by the Pope — who is set to arrive September 22nd and will return to Rome on the 27th — will “transcend the rancor of U.S. politics.”
It is evident that Barack Hussein Obama supports same sex marriage, despite his initially saying that he was against it. This is the same president who stepped away from the Defense of Marriage Act, even before Section 3 of the Act was struck down in 2013 as being unconstitutional (the Act initially defined marriage for federal purposes as the union of one man and one woman, and allowed states to refuse to recognize same-sex marriages granted under the laws of other states).

To the subject of Cuba, it is known that President Obama spoke by phone with President Raul Castro of Cuba to discuss the process of normalization between the two countries in advance of Pope
Francis’s upcoming visits to Cuba and the United States. It is also known that Obama signed off on formal restoration of diplomatic ties with Cuba in July, with the U.S. flag being raised over the embassy in Cuba in August.

The next question one might pose is if this is some sort of orchestrated scheme, or plot, when did the president and the pope find time to cook this up, and why?
Obama rejects the Pope’s blessings, Papal rosary given to pro-abortion Pelosi
In his first official visit to Rome, Obama and the pope met for about 50 minutes — longer than many had expected — before bringing in the rest of the U.S. delegation, including Secretary of State John Kerry, National Security Advisor Susan Rice and press secretary Jay Carney.
So, what did they talk about that was so important that they had to meet in private for that length of time, and just the two of them? Of course, they would have regularly updated one another after that meeting via diplomatic channels, or some secret server they shared.
The theory floating about is that both the president and the Pope strongly believe that the United States of America has gotten to where it is, via its evil and greedy capitalist economy, by stepping on the backs of the poor and downtrodden.
Their mission, as they see it, is to right the wrong America has done to third world countries, especially Cuba, and bring this great country down to their level instead of lifting such impoverish countries to our standard of living.

By easing restrictions on Cuba, they hope to flood that country with modern technology, grant monies for roads and other infrastructure, investment money for business ventures, and funds for educational and other humanitarian programs.
After all, we owe it to this regime; one with a dismal human rights record and an oppressive and heavy handed policy in the treatment of its citizenry. But never mind that. This is a new era and spirit of cooperation.
Remember, this is a kinder and gentler America the world is dealing with.
And of course, there are those famous Cuban cigars sought after the world over. Now we will be able to purchase those luxury stogies, sit around the table holding hands and singing Kumbaya.
After all, he has made it known that America has a moral obligation to bring to its shores thousands of displaced immigrants. But you will never hear the Pope say how many of these people the Vatican is bringing to its doors.

One of the richest enterprises in the world, when was the last time you heard the Pope pass out any of its wealth to the poor? Whether or not the Pope is working on behalf of Obama, or vice versa, who would be against a clever and humane conspiracy like this?
Certainly not the likes of Hillary and Bernie and Joe.
CS Bennett

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