Saturday, September 26, 2015

Immigration Are you IN or OUT?

BlakPac Columnist
CS Bennett

WASHINGTON, September 25, 2015 —

There are a lot of displaced people around the world. Many of them hope to come to America’s shores, and that is not a bad thing.
There are, however, various reasons why they want to come here, and there are reasons why we cannot absorb, or even allow them all to come here.
It is about self-preservation.

Europe is learning this in the worst of ways, thanks largely to immigrants, legal and illegal who have shown little interest in assimilating into their host country’s culture and adopting their traditions.
Refugee immigration is now a massive problem in Europe They bring along laws of their own, like Sharia, and choose for themselves the laws they will or will not obey in their new country.
Rational people want to live in this country because they believe that America is still the land of opportunity and freedom. Others come here to make a quick buck and return to their homeland.

More dangerous are those who come like wolves in sheep’s clothing, intending to do us great harm.
Arriving with great fanfare, Pope Francis, born in Argentina to Italian immigrants, begged Congress to allow immigrants into the “land of dreams” and implored them to reject “a mindset of hostility.”
He said, “On this continent … thousands of persons are led to travel north in search of a better life for themselves and for their loved ones, in search of greater opportunities. Is this not what we want for our own children? We must not be taken aback by their numbers, but rather view them as persons, seeing their faces and listening to their stories, trying to respond as best we can to their situation. To respond in a way which is always humane, just and fraternal.”

That sounds benevolent, but what the pontiff suggests is that we open the floodgates to the world and let the stampede begin. How we should deal with the impact this would have on our schools, infrastructure, health care, social services, and our customs and traditions has not been addressed.
The pontiff is short on specifics when it comes to immigration legislation. How do you tell your children that it is good to starve so that we may take care of another? We need only to look to Europe to get an insight to what may happen in this country. Or we can look to our own past.

Under the Clinton administration, large numbers of Somali citizens were granted refugee status in the United States.‘Conservatism’ and immigration policy

This was done as humanitarian outreach. Between 1983 and 2010, the U.S. admitted 83,991 Somali nationals, with roughly 40 percent of them initially settling in the Minnesota area. Maine has also played host to a large concentration of these refugees. Many immigrated legally, but many others entered the country illegally.

Minnesota became the focal point for these immigrants because state-based voluntary agencies, such as Lutheran Social Services, Catholic Charities, and World Relief Minnesota, contracted with the State Department to settle them mainly in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area.
The price these areas have paid for that outreach program has been high.These refugees have neither education nor marketable job skills. Most do not understand English, but have become adept at navigating their way through our generous welfare programs, programs the taxpayers pay for.
More than anything, these refugees have shown themselves to be violent and criminal. And they target whites more than any other racial group.

Although Somali nationals began coming here in the early eighties, Bill Clinton gave them refugee status on a grand scale. Many of their young men have been born and raised Muslims and have been exposed to the radical wing of Islam for much of their lives. Americans need not worry about our enemies getting to us with a Trojan horse. We have our own politicians to thank for opening the floodgates for the malcontents and potential jihadists who entered this country with a warm welcome, food stamps and welfare check.
Is it any wonder that two young American men were killed fighting for the cause of Islam in the Middle East earlier this year, and that they were from Minnesota?

With more than 30,000 Somalis being relocated by the State Department to Minnesota in recent years, with many of them being relocated around the Twin Cities, Minneapolis has been dubbed Little Mogadishu after the African country’s capital.
The simple truths about illegal immigration Although the majority of these Somalis have come into the United States legally, their presence has impacted us in many ways, some of them bad.

America’s leaders will have to decide if we can take on the world’s refugees, including the illegals who are pouring into this country. Most people operating on common sense know that we cannot.
What Pope Francis ignores in his plea for social justice is that the United States is a nation of laws, or used to be. There exist established protocols for people who want to enter the United States and become citizens. We cannot allow people to walk right in. Few other countries do that. If anything, the Vatican has one of the strictest immigration policies on the planet. The pope failed to mention that.

There is little doubt the Obama and the Democratic Party is embracing this pontiff because his stance on the issues brings legitimacy to their agenda. Unscrupulous rulers have always used the blessings of the church to bring about radical change.

Some scholars believe that is one reason Adolf  Hitler hunted for religious artifacts — to show to all that his quest for world domination was sanctioned by the Almighty Himself.
If we are to survive as a powerful and viable nation, “we the people” will have to insist that our leaders abide by the laws they make. We have to. And we have to stop this madness before we are consumed by it. A rescue boat with far too many people in it will doom all onboard.

We cannot be the world’s policeman nor can we be its dumping grounds, either. We want people to come here who will do it the right way. We want people to seek us out who want to assimilate into our society and embrace our customs and traditions.

The road we travel on lends doubt that the next generation of Americans will recognize the country they read about in history books. Is that what we want? Do we want freedom to be a thing of the past?
One can only wonder.
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