Tuesday, September 8, 2015

How Republican Candidates Can Defeat Trump

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By CS Bennett – September 6, 2015

With the exception of a quiet and unassuming Ben Carson, none of the other republican candidates seem to be getting any traction, especially the heir apparent, Jeb Bush.

Republican candidates have hit the official campaign trail, and with the exception of a quiet and unassuming Ben Carson, none of the other candidates seem to be getting any traction against Donald Trump ̶ especially the heir apparent, Jeb Bush.
All are doing their best to contrast what they stand for verses what Trumps stands for and are failing miserably. What they should be doing is what Tiger Woods used to do so well and that is focus on what he, or she, is doing on the campaign stomp and not be concerned about what the competition is doing.
It was the playing field itself that was Tiger’s adversary, in terms of conquering and defeating a foe. His focus was never on what his competitors were doing. In the end he wound up conquering both the field and his competitors.

Republican candidates should focus on what they have to offer and highlight that in a way that conveys leadership, courage and conviction. Only then will Trump become a blip in their rear view mirror. Then they can concern themselves with facing off with Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden or whomever the democrats nominate as their presidential candidate.

Slick campaign ads, clever marketing strategies and empty promises are no longer sufficient enough to win the support of the American people. As Trumps’ rise to prominence in the political world proves, Americans are tired of politics as usual. They are a little more sophisticated now.
What candidates need is advisors who are conservatives for only conservatives can truly represent and express what other like-minded conservatives want in their candidates and president.
Things a viable candidate can do to rally the people around them and distinguish themselves from the democrats:

 Have people from across the country send in pictures of vacant, or near vacant, buildings with
‘going out of business’ and ‘out of business’ signs posted outside of them.
 Show numerous photos of long food lines all across the country and how it is widespread.
 Collect pictures of signs throughout America’s communities with ‘foreclosure’ written on them.
 Report statistics on the lousy job market and the high number of citizens collecting food stamps and government monetary assistance.
 Put video of people giving testimony as to why they cannot get full benefits from their part-time jobs because of Obamacare and how it is keeping most low income people from working more than 40 hours and small businesses from expanding.
 Have people living in border cities submit pictures of illegals overwhelming their neighborhoods and social services, many of them violent gang members and drug dealers.
 Collect data on the crimes these intruders leave behind in their wake.
 Show video of people getting patted down at the airports and travelers being kept away from state parks because there doesn’t seem to be enough money to maintain them.
 Stress how high Black unemployment is under this president.

After amassing all of this information, a candidate would put it together in a major campaign ad and broadcast it all over the country and plaster the label ‘The Results of Failed Democrat Policies’ or ‘Liberalism Run Amuck’ all over it. That candidate, once sworn in as president, would use the power of executive orders to undo what Barack Hussein Obama had done. He, or she, would declare that Obamacare is on the way out and on the way in, a new tax system called the Fair Tax.
Reducing the tax rate would remove unnecessary regulations that hang around our economy like an albatross would around one’s dampened spirit.

Moving on, that new president would personally head over to the IRS and the EPA and declare that they were about to be downsized…bigtime, and that they may want to start looking for employment elsewhere.
The president would also declare that the day of political correctness was now passé. The days of calling a spade a spade were back.The US military would be rearmed and make it the envy, and fear, of the world, again, especially in the eyes of our enemies.

Finally, the new president would need to shout out to all Americans that the American dream is still alive and well if you want to go after it. No, it does not require a lot of slick ads and jazzy promotional tricks, just the simple plain truth. And no, it does not require you to outdo the Donald.

Most true conservatives would like to see a true conservative president in office. And it can happen. It is not too late. The candidates just need to keep it real and show some passion.

Overall, there is a lot to be gained by doing so. As for those who do not trust the Donald, and that includes me, this is how you upstage him. More importantly, this is how you get notice the right way.

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