Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Donald Trump/Hillary: It Takes a Radical to Defeat a Radical

By CS Bennett - Aug 25, 2015

During the divisive days of pre and post-Civil War era, (1850-1880), some conservatives decided it was time to get a little radical when they saw the country about to break apart. We need those radicals now.

The United States of America, in its creation, was a unique and radical experiment. The form of government chosen by our Founding Fathers was itself a radical concept. The liberties and freedoms our citizens enjoyed were unique and unparalleled compared to what others enjoyed in faraway places throughout the annals of history and man’s rule over other men.

America’s founders placed power in the hands of the people instead of the government. To guarantee those freedoms, the founders put the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights in place, for the express purpose of placing restraints on government.
‘Conservatives’ vs. Donald Trump
In addition to this, a free press was anointed with the once honorable responsibility of protector, keeping tabs on government while protecting the interest of the American citizen.
But all of that has changed today. Most Americans have become complacent, discouraged or uninterested in the political process. Our government has become oppressive and intrusive, and the press is currently enablers and co-conspirators of the powerful elites inside and outside of government.
Is there any wonder why apathy runs rampant throughout our nation?
Today we have leaders, and those who aspire to be our leaders, who are athwart to the principles laid out in the documents left behind by our founders. Their views on how the United States should be governed are both extreme and radical and dangerous. They have a misguided belief that government should reign supreme and should govern unchecked.

People who subscribe to this belief hail from geo/social-political philosophies such as liberalism, Marxism, socialism and communism. It does not matter to disciples of these concepts that what they believe in with conviction has failed everywhere it has been tried. Undaunted, they aim to show that they can succeed where others before them have failed. So, they continue with their utopian dreams and their quest for world power, control and dominance.

Make no mistake that Barack Hussein Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton are admirers and disciples of some of the most anti-American, anti-capitalist and anti-Semite icons of modern times. Karl Marx, Vladimir Lenin, W.E.B. DuBois and Sal Alinsky are just the tip of the iceberg. These men are as radical as radical gets. Obama and Hillary’s minds have been molded and influenced by these men and what they believed in.
Other anti-America radicals with a mouthpiece include Louis Farrakhan, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Bill Ayers, George Soros, Angela Davis and Bernie Sanders. Though citizens of this great country and beneficiaries of its wealth, these people are a constant threat to what this republic stands for…freedom, liberty and prosperity.
As recent polls reveal, Americans have lost faith in their representatives and are appalled at the decisions being rendered by the United States Supreme Court. Feeling helpless, they have turned to the one man who seems willing to stand up to the Establishment.
Donald Trump.
Donald Trump our only defense against political cult leaders that will do us harm
Whether you agree with his political, or his non-political, views, Trump is saying what avowed conservatives should be saying and expressing and that is anger and disgust at the dismantling of this great republic. America is in deep trouble from enemies within and from without.
But there is hope.

This is not the first time men have stepped up to the plate to challenge a bloated and out of control bureaucracy. During the divisive days of pre and post-Civil War era (1850-1880), a group of conservatives decided it was time to get a little radical when they saw the country about to break apart. They came out of a party and movement whose sole purpose for coming into existence was to abolish slavery.
That party was the Republican Party. But some of its members wanted to go much further than just freeing slaves. They felt that blacks should have the right to vote, become citizens and own property. Such beliefs were considered radical at that time, so these men were called Radical Republicans.

Led by Thaddeus Stevens in the House and Charles Sumner in the Senate, the Radical Republicans played a major role in ending the institution of slavery, a racist institution supported by the Democratic Party and its murderous militant wing, the KKK. The Radical Republicans were fearless and resolute men who stood toe to toe with the Democrats and took on moderates within their own party as well. They did not back down or shy away from a political fight or challenge. It is this fighting spirit Americans sorely miss and need today if we are going to defeat radicals from the left and their anti-American agenda. But how do we accomplish this?

We start by replacing moderates and establishment types in government with true conservatives. Why? Because this group of radicals (of another kind), along with moderates from both sides of the aisles, have made a mess out of this once great country. On account of corrupted politicians, who have let us down, and federal courts that have perverted the judicial system, it is up to true-blue conservatives to rise up to defeat socialist-minded democrats and their religion called liberalism.
Lady Liberty is counting on us to. She is being pummeled nonstop and has slipped to one knee, but her shield is still pointed upward as she defends us. Know that it is time to stand up and fight back. It is now or never.

Radicals such as Obama and Hillary are serious about what they want to do and are doing to our republic. Republicans urged McCain and Romney to enter the fray and do battle with these left-wing radicals. Being moderates, not real political fighters, they got creamed. It is time Americans wake up and realize that it is going to take a radical to defeat a radical.

And the Donald is exactly that, a radical, although one can argue that he is more of a free radical than anything else. Just the same, this upcoming election is about saving this country.
If Republicans cannot stomach the Donald, they need to find a modern day 1860s Radical Republican to put up against the candidate the left nominates.

Hopefully, we can find a radical in the mold of a 1860s Radical Republican. That in itself should be enough to bring conservatives by the millions to the fight. God knows, Lady Liberty needs them now more than ever.
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