Sunday, August 2, 2015

Crabs in a Barrel

BlakPac knows this is a real issue among Black Americans. When we started BlakPac, we expected attacks on our purpose, our mission and our character. That's why we solicited letters of support from the Republican Party of Florida, several United States Congressmen and Republican Party Leaders, and it prepared us for our first Crab attack.
We were ready for this Crab attack and other attacks with lawyers and BlakPac members defending our honor and mission and we stopped the rumor. Remember, "No weapon formed against me shall prosper." Yes, we prayed for our attacker.

So, I am begging Black Americans to stop this behavior. I want us to prosper, and when you do obtain a position of authority, please do not think it makes you look better to your employer by stepping on the backs of or belittling the accomplishments of other Blacks.  Stop starting and spreading rumors . Fight for candidates, governments, and school districts to spend real dollars in your communities.

The fact is, If candidate Mitt Romney had spent two million dollars in the minority communities of Florida on radio advertising and staff, he would have won Florida and the Presidency.  Instead, he lost by  74,000 votes, or a little over 1% of the 6 million votes cast. Romney's consultants and the GOP told him it was not necessary. I hope the same mistake is not made in 2016.

BlakPac encourages the GOP,  other Political Action Committees, Legal and lobbying groups to employ Blacks. With over 200 Million Dollars raised for the 2016 Presidential campaign, we know this is a prime opportunity for Blacks to get involved in our nations business. Its also a great opportunity for the GOP to make amends to increase voter turnout in minority communities.

If you operate as a crab on a political campaign or position, you are killing future potential candidates and volunteers with your negative opinions, and thus, prematurely ending your own career by not fighting for valuable resources, and remember, if you agree that your campaign does not need Black votes to win, you agree that you too are expendable.

BlakPac is the only National Political organization that supports and defends the reputations and character of Black Conservatives.  We know the attacks will come against your mental abilities. against your financial knowledge and against your conservative values and we have a network of volunteer bloggers that will fight for you on social media with comments on NewsMax, Huffington Post, Facebook, in newspapers and wherever the unsubstantiated attacks occur.  It is another great benefit of BlakPac Membership at the Eagle and Crusader Level.
Don't be a Crab   Be an Eagle
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