Thursday, June 5, 2014

The Blackground Check

Can you pass a blackground Check.  Blackground checks (formerly known as background checks) are the latest tool used by Federal, State, local governments and Corporations to lock out an entire section of the United States population from upward mobility. This is not an race issue, this is part of the whole discussion on the wealth gap and again how our beloved President Obama is able to be for you and against you at the same time.

Credit Scoring
Since the financial crises, the same companies that were a major cause of the crises, Equifax, Experian and Trans Union now reap incredible profits doing credit checks for employers. Thier defective credit scoring  models which failed to detect the borrowers most likely to default are now being used to lock millions into low wage longevity. Human Resource departments now use this tool with impunity to eliminate those with student loan defaults.  If your son or daughter thought they could acquire a great government job upon graduation, think again, because that student loan default now prevents thousands from gaining any government employment.  The only option may be military enlistment to get student loan forgiveness.   Funny how that works out.

Tax Returns
Another tool used by those employing blackgound checks to eliminate upward mobility is to request tax returns or to have the prospective employee sign a IRS form 4506T as part of an employment application.  I can think of no reason for any employer to need your tax returns and then to ask for permission from look for your past IRS filings.  They are an employer, not a lender.

Criminal Records Check
Emloyers are now conducting criminal background checks that include court records. If you were found innocent of a speeding ticket, this tool of the blackground check will weed you out and deny many more gainful employment. Innocent until proven guilty no longer applies. Human Resource deparments can and do use traffic tickets as a reason to prevent promotions.

The blackground check is fast closing the doors of opportunity and upward mobility.
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