Wednesday, July 10, 2013


The Trayvon Martin Murder has opened closed wound in my mental well being. When I wrote "The Angry Black Man's Guide to Success" in 2005, it was the start of a healing process. It was an attempt to sooth the anger, yet all I can do is conceal it, cover it for a brief while, until the reality check smacks me in the face. The alleged murderer, George Zimmerman, has taken his lack of an arrest by the Sanford Florida Police Department as an affirmation that lynching and killing black males is legal and that he will be seen as a hero and upholder of the American Way.

You see, no matter how I or my Back male compatriots play by the rules, whether we are drunken bums, a car mechanic, a college professor or a professional athlete, we are always a suspect in the USA.   The law enforcement process may change from the neighborhood cop on the beat, to the FBI to the IRS, but an African American male in the USA is always a suspect of some crime.  Trust me, even looking at this tragedy without the prism of race, you have an idiot with a gun slaying a child.

President Obama is a suspect of forging his own birth, This foolishness comes from none other than Donald Trump, whom if Donald were Black, would have been arrested and convicted of Bank Fraud long ago based upon the crash and burn of Eastern Airlines . How ridiculous it is for a Black man to never be able to enjoy the fruits of you honest labor in peace.

I feel so bad for the parents of Trayvon Martin, as I would for any parent that looses a child no matter what the circumstances. I can only hope and Pray that there is a outcome that improves lives in the world.

As this trial ends, will it become law of the Land in Florida to hunt and kill Black Males or will we join hands and sing kumbaya
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