Sunday, June 30, 2013

Lebron James core Anger - Whats yours

Lebron James core anger was on display on the night he won his second NBA Championship in Miami. In my book "The Angry Black Man's Guide to success, I show ways to turn anger into drive, ambition and success but Lebron laid his Core Anger bare. Lebron James states defiantly " I'm Lebron James, from Akron, Ohio - from the inner city, I ain't even supposed to be here" while holding two Larry Bryant Trophies.

You Core Anger is the Anger that provides the prime motivation. It can be a positive force or a negative force. It can be used for motivation or self destruction. For LeBron James, its a fierce motivator for winning on the court. If you don't have basketball skills, and you are a high school student, it's even more important to find and control your core anger. Your core anger can also cause self destructive behavior.

Take a moment to think about your core anger, Is it a person that expects so much less of you. Is it a surrounding. For Jay Z it's the Marcy Your core anger and your  prime motivator are your true keys to success or failure.. Are you moving forward everyday or going downhill.   For more about shaping your core anger , read  "The Angry Black Man's Guide to Success"

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