Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Placebo President

President Barack Obama and his first administration has been a Placebo for the American People, I say his first Administration because he will win a second term and I support him, President Placebo made the majority of us feel good, and as we waited for the medicine to take affect, our old ills got worse,  The symptoms of low job creation, higher taxes disguised as fees, high energy cost, fraud and deception in ATF selling guns to Mexican drug dealers, the GSA and Secret Service on Booze Cruises, and most of all, a Treasury Department with a non stop printing press enriching Goldman Sachs and other Investment Banks to the detriment of everyone else. President Obama is ineffective.

Under President Placebo, the Change we can believe in never came and the decline of the US economy continues. Race relations have declined, not improved under the countries first President of African descent, but I will endorse and vote for President Obama again anyway.

I endorsed  President Obama and in my first endorsement stated that he was 5 times better than John McCain. President Obama is 3.2 times better than Candidate Mitt Romney and as African Americans are taught from birth, you have to be three times better than a white person in the USA to get the same opportunities. Candidate Romney is Republican Lite. He is not a true Republican and will get less votes than John McCain.

True Republicans will never support him because he is a closet democrat fronting as a Republican and its so clear to the true believers. His campaign staff is a copy of a Barack Obama's.  He has hired gays and Latinos and as he moves to the center to compete with the Obama machine and he will be outed as a liberal.  Game, Set, Match to Obama.

President Obama's second term will shine through and I expect a bolder more forceful leader. I expect a direct confrontation to shut down Big Banks that collect fine after fine from the SEC and keep operating. His second term working with a democratic Congress will replace the placebo with real medicine for economic growth, oust Secretary Geitner and place Americans in jobs by increasing exports, increase business productivity by scrapping the existing tax code with a flat tax, and taking advantage of low short and long therm interest rates to improve the Countries Balance Sheet. President Obama's second term is going to be fantastic.

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