Thursday, March 12, 2009

A Suspect Again

Less than 72 hours after arriving back in the United States of America after a 90 day extensive leave in South America, I was approached by a police officer as a suspect. Others may think that a Black President will give black men a pass, but on the streets of the United States, I may as well be the suspect of the day.
Maybe I am reading too much into this and my local law enforcement officer was just being helpful to prevent trouble for me later, or maybe he was harassing me. All I know is now, while in an automobile, I keep an extra eye out for police cars and actively avoid any area where police congregate. Whats disturbing is this was a behavior that I learned as a teenager in an urban city and I feel too old for this crap.
In 90 days in foreign countries, I did not have these feelings, and that's not right. Why would I feel more secure as an overseas tourist than my home country. You would think that King George, who is friends with the local sheriff, mayor, governor, and minor celebrity, could travel unencumbered in his home country. Well, its back to vacation for me.
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