Monday, December 15, 2008

The New York Scam Exchange What CNBC won´t say

Bernard Madoff’s alleged $50 billion Ponzi scheme has run its course and this is one of the biggest problems on Wall Street. The stock market is blatenly dishonest at its core. Bernard Madoff business had been insolvent for years and he confessed that his business was all just one big lie.

Lets take this a bit further and let me ask you a few questions. If you had 50 billion dollars, could you make money and two, if you had that Jewish heritage thing going along with 50 billion bucks could you make money. The King makes money everyday with less than 50 billion and without the Jewish heritage thing.

This may lead you to the conclusion that maybe Wall Street and the New York Stock Exchange is on big Ponzi Scheme that relies on new suckers for the old suckers to make money, and that one day 20% of the suckers woke up and left. In order to keep the scheme going, The United States Government became the biggest sucker of them all. That way the Investments Brokerage Houses or Old Suckers could get out whole with bonuses and all before everything collapsed. The second thing is that maybe after 50 years of the Jewish guilt trip, that veneer has rubbed off.

Brothers and Sisters. its time to get yours. Buy cash flowing businesses in 2009, stockpile your cash and hold on. Build your businesses around your families and stop doubting your abilities. I am teaching my squires and princesses to look beyond the United States for opportunities. Export you products to growing, thriving markets and do not throw a pity party over your setbacks. Capital is available for the tenacious.

I still beleive Bernie will die a free man. Heres another question. If you had 50 Billion smackaroos, would you only have one passport?

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