Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Barack Obama Spillover

This is a repost from June 6, 2008. Add Fannie Mae and Freddie Mae to the list of failed institutions and yet, the spillover from Barack is not happening. Instead, the same losers that engineered the collapse of the United Stated financial system are getting a second chance to do even more damage by placing senior executives from Lehman Brothers and Merrill Lynch at the head of the new zombie enterprise.
Every major bank and brokerage house has fired the Chairman, CEO and CFO, more firings are coming and others are being arrested, but will this create a wealth of top job opportunities for African Americans. We know that Barack and Michele Obama are brilliant, and if they are talented enough to be President and First Lady, could their possibly be other Blacks with the brains, skills and talent to manage billions of dollars better than these current idiots. Wall Street needs to wake up and seek talent from new sources.

Will there be a positive spillover of great opportunities for African Americans? Will King George get numerous offers from Wall Street and the top banks? Will Bloomberg ever have a Black stock analyst?

The spillover can already be seen on MSN, CNN, and every major network since everyone has added black political analyst. http://my.barackobama.com/page/content/semr?source=SEM-register-google-url-search-national
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