Sunday, May 4, 2008

Rev Wright and America

Rev. Wright and his church have fed the hungry, housed the homeless and cared for the sick, he has also said some harsh words against Americas actions, however, let us not forget that both Dr. Martin Luther King jr and Muhammad Ali, at one time the most hated men in America, said harsh words against America's actions. None of these men ever said words advocating violence, the destruction or overthow of America, or the assination of another countries leader, and that makes them Good Americans with divergent opinions.

I disagree with Rev. Wright that an attack on him is an attack on the Black Church. Rev Wright is now the Black sheep, for lack of a better term, of the Obama family and Barak can no more can be responsible for Rev. Wright than than a child can be responsible for an alcoholic parent or more specifically, than Jimmy Carter was resposible for the behavior of Billy Carter. I disagree with Rev. Wright that Blacks learn diffrently than whites. Thats absurd.

The question is why won't Rev Wright be quiet. Simple. Preachers get paid to talk and this is the biggest stage of his life. It's simple ego.
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