Friday, April 4, 2008

Barak Obama and Anger

In my best selling book, "The Angry Black Man's Guide to Success," I address many issues that burden the African-American Community and give solutions to overcome these obstacles. Well, I was pleasantly suprised that Senator Barak Obama addressed many of these same issues in his speach "A More Perfect Union" delivered on March 18, 2008 in Philidelphia, Pennsylvania that I adreesed in my book. To be honest, until now, Senator Obama has deftly and smartly avoided the issue of race in this campaign. His organization has been wise enough to let Senator Billary Clinton step in the racial minefield. He has used what I refer to to as the Tiger Woods approach to race, which is to act as if nobody will notice your race.
So I was suprised that the Senator and I, an Angry Black man and a registered Republican, understood and addressed the very same issues. Inferior Schools in Black Communities, a lack of economic opportunity for Black men, denial of homestead property rights, and the fact that black families could not amass any meaningful wealth to bequeath to future generations due to blatant and open descrimination. Not only does Obama understand that Blacks must pull themselves up by thier bootstraps, but that sometimes you have to help people acquire the boots.
This is the smoking gun. If Barak shows too close of affinity with average blacks, then he risk alienating his white supporters, who believed he was a different, articulate and special Princeton and Harvard educated black. His other excellent point is that whites believe that if blacks advance educationally and financially, it will come at thier expense, because even though the most conservative white denies being a racist, they truly know that thier children are not very bright and could not compete with more blacks like Barak. What a fearful thought for whites. Electing Senator Obama President may actually help lower and middle class blacks become excellent students, get advance degrees, and take the few remaining well paying jobs left in America.
So now Obama finds himself in the racial minefield of politics. His speach was brilliant but too advanced for the untrained politico. Notice that Billary is staying very quiet. Obama now has to find a path back to appease white independents without blowing himself up. If he can walk through this dangerous minefield of race, then he is qualified to lead America.
George Farrell
The Angry Black Man' Guide to Success

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