Thursday, April 3, 2008

Avoiding Self Destructive Behavior

The Spitzer Fall

In my best selling book "The Angry Black Man's Guide to Success" I identify one of the levels of success as "Self-Destruction." More specifically, I identify it as Level Four. This is one of the most dangerous periods for men, black or white, Jew or gentile, as this is the period that can destroy an entire life of prosperity, good works and deeds.
A failure here can end in a prison term, as with Mayor Marion Barry, of Washington, DC, or a loss of position as with Pastor Ted Haggard or Governor Eliot Spitzer of New York, or a loss of repect and credibility simular to former President Bill Clinton, and Jesse Jackson with an illigitimate child.
Recently, a reporter asked me about the Presidential election regarding Barak Obama and while not commiting to the Senator from Illinios, I did state that I cannot support Billary due to thier past self destructive behavior. To be exact, Bill's actions with a cigar altered my behavior. I can no longer enjoy a good cigar and a glass of conac without the visuals of the unnatural acts he commited.I also do not believe that Bill has taken corrective action to avoid this behavior in the future. He has never expressed remorse for the act, only getting caught.
In this same manner, for succesful men to avoid self-destructive behavior, they must develop strong negative stimulas to the self destructive behavior. This can start with thinking about the consequenses of this behavior coming to light. "How will my wife and children feel if they knew I was hiring prostitutes?" "How would my Lender feel about my illegal drug use?" I imagined how Eliot Spitzer's wife must have felt standing next to him as if numbed by alcohol. Secondly, when you recognize this behavior, Pray and pray hard.
Geting through Level Four is the hardest part of long term Success. A spouse can play an important role here if there is open and honest communication in the marraige. Good friends can help as a sounding board and if they can keep your confidence. However, like most super achievers, no one understands you because you are ahead of your time, and therefore you are on your own. Its your streangth of character that will see you through. My prayers are with you.

George Farrell
The Angry Black Man's Guide to Success
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